Factors When Getting Web Hosting For Your Website

When you start a website there is one thing that many people are unaware that you have to buy with it. This is called web hosting. This process is very difficult and technical on the web host end. For the person getting the hosting it means that your content will show up on the web. Without a web host, your content will not appear when you search your URL.

Getting Web Hosting

The process to get web hosting can be a tough one, because this all depends on how far along your website is. High trafficked websites need special hosting to hold all their visitors on their platform. However, if you are just starting a website then the first thing you need to look at is the price.


Price is a topic that we think about when it comes to any product or service. Web hosting is surprisingly cheap compared to many other services on the web. Typically, you can get a full year of hosting for only a dollar, but this is only if you have just started with a company. Nevertheless, this may not be cost effective for you.

For Website Price

The best way to find cost-effective web hosting packages is to look at your goals as a website. Are you going to try to build your traffic to high amounts? Are you trying to only host a few hundred people on your website? Are you a business? All these questions need to be answered, because if you stick with one package it can be hard to upgrade. If the web hosting company has three options, which they usually do, you should always go with one of the most expensive options, because you never know where your traffic could go. You would do much better being prepared for a bad situation then trying to improvise at the last second. Also, you need to ensure that you can use the hosting correctly.


When you pick a host they will give you what is called a “cpanel”. This is sort of like a housing virtual space for your content. You need to log into this platform to build your website. The most critical part of this process is being able to understand how to work the cpanel. However, a lot of people have never touched this kind of utility. The hosting company should be able to explain this to you with some type of educational material.

For Website Usability

If the host doesn’t have a way to show you then you can always ask them to send you some videos. All hosts will be able to assist you in this, but be aware that some host’s cpanels are very difficult to use. Take the time to look around at some differing cpanels so that you can find the one you are comfortable with.

Customer Service

Service is very important when picking a company to use. The same goes for any hosting company that you decide to use. Hosting is very important to your website, which is essentially your business. If anything goes wrong on the website then it can cost you time, money, and cause a lot of stress.

Website Customer Service

When you decide on the hosting company that you would like to use then try to give them a customer service test. Pretend than something went wrong on your website and ask them a simple question. Record how fast they respond, the tone of their response, and if they go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with their answers.

There are many hosting companies out there and the one you choose should be providing you with the service you need. If you choose a company that doesn’t understand service, it can be a very difficult process to switch hosting companies. You don’t want to have to go through that process.

through that process


Speed doesn’t just matter when talking about service with hosting companies. This can depend on the package, but your website should be loading fast with minimal content. In fact, when you first create your website the speed should not be a problem. If it is then you need to ask your hosting company for the higher package. If no speed is good, then you know that you chose the wrong hosting company.


One of the downsides of having to host many websites is that sometimes you have to take them down to perform maintenance. This is not a happy time for customers, but a lot of companies are constantly having this problem. The best policy is to have a three strike rule within six month period. If a hosting company is taking their websites down more than this then there is a problem. You should try to get a new host if this happens, because they are usually bad companies.

host many websites

ISO 27001 Certified

One of the scariest things about giving information to a hosting company is them abusing that privilege. The ISO 27001 is an industry standard that basically ensures a company will not give your information out. In the hosting industry there are a lot of untrustworthy companies. These companies go in and out of business constantly. However, you want a host that is going to stay around a long time similar to your website.

Getting this certificate isn’t an easy task. Rest assured, if your hosting company has taken the measures to obtain it then they are no flash in the pan company. They take your cyber security seriously. Going with a company that cares will greatly reduce the potential for a hacker to access your website. This can take a long time to fix and isn’t a fun process to go through. Don’t take a cheaper company without the ISO 27001 certification. This will only hurt you long term.

ISO 27001 Certified

Now you have learned the six key factors in choosing a hosting company. Go out there and pick a company with confidence that you know has your best interests in mind.

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