Importance Of Grammar And Ways To Improve The Same

Grammar is very important element of English language. The right combination of the verbs, nouns, conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs and so on will give a perfect sentence. When we talk about grammar, it gives us an impression of complex English language. The truth is that though there are several books written on grammar, you still use them even without studying the details of it.

Spoken English can be perfect only if you use the grammar in the right manner. The lack of proper grammar can make the sentences look absurd and meaningless. Students complete their assignments and projects by searching for valuable information from different sources. But, they have to do their proof reading and request for check my grammar quotient.

Here some easy tips to fix up your grammar issues:


We would have missed session on grammar during our school days. Basics are to be very strong only then you can build on your grammar syntax. Easy way to brush up your basics can be to check out some of the online sources.

grammar issues basic


You may not be able to understand the rules given in abstract language in the English grammar books. The best way to hone on your grammar is through examples. Search for examples on different topics which will help you master the language.


There are certain rules in English that needs to be applied as it is. You can memorise them to make it easy for better communication.


Same words may convey different meanings, same pronunciation may give different meanings and so on are the funny side of English. Be creative and play with words. You can also use some interesting apps on your mobile which will help you practice the same on the go.


The best way to get hang on the language is through conversation without inhibition. Talk about daily routine tasks or on a particular topic in English. You can also speak with the natives who will have the knowledge about grammar without learning them.


Slang is a kind of style that does not necessarily accept or follow the grammar rules. These changes in the accent are also good to understand the flexibility of the language. Spoken English can be at times quite different from its written form. As you start exploring, you will find the language getting interesting and engaging.

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