Three Important Things To Consider While Recruiting Potential Candidates

A recruiter or hiring manager has a number of options which he can use to sort out the deserving candidates from the rest. These options on the basis of which potentiality deserving candidates can be separated out from the others are known as recruiting tools. There are three very important tools which are effectively and efficiently able to handle the first step of this situation. They are:

  • The job profile: The job profile is the first thing that all candidates see when they get to know of any job vacancy. Hence before putting it up, it should be thought about in depth so that the profile put up on the websites
    • Properly identifies with the actual requirements of the job,
    • Communicates the demands, expectations and competencies of the job,
    • Puts forth the deciding performance indicators and the critical factors for success very clearly,
    • Talks about being accountable for and the ownership of key processes,
    • Maintaining the required relationships with both the internal and external clients and customers of the company.

The job profile


A rough draft envisioning the type of candidate wanted should first be made and then subsequently refined. This will enable the hiring manager to get across in no uncertain terms the type of candidate that the company is expecting.

  • Advertising for the position: Every day numerous companies keep putting up advertisements for recruitment against vacancies created. The key is to ensure that the advertisement put up reaches the correct candidate at the correct time. In order to do this, the wordings of the advertisement have to be
    • Catchy with phrases which can hold the interest of the candidate till the end of the advertisement,
    • Lucrative enough for the candidate to start thinking positively about it and
    • Blunt enough to be able to discourage undeserving candidates from even applying.

In fact the positioning of the advertisement in the relevant media also plays a very important role in attracting the right kind of candidate.

  • Assessments: This is more of an objective measuring tool than a subjective one. If applied and used properly, these assessment tools can
    • Help save time and reduce erroneous judgements,
    • Improve the quality and quantity of candidates applying for the job and
    • Creates a level playing field for all resumes under consideration.

It is very easy to benefit from using these recruiting tools and obtaining a perfect match between the candidate and the job he is required to do. This, in turn, gets converted into profits thereby helping in the positive growth of the company.

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