Stylish work equipment from CK Magma

A colleague recently dropped his mobile phone whilst at work and caused almost a hundred pounds worth of damage. He didn’t have insurance for it and so he had to pay for the repair himself leaving him heavily out of pocket. I suggested to him that he needs a way of protecting it well whilst he is at work and pointed him towards the CK Tools Magma MA2722. For just over £7 from Edwardes it is a stylish industrial strength mobile holder suitable for most smartphones and can be attached to a belt for easy carrying. It’s hard to get excited about a phone case but as his is designed as workwear you know it is going to be hard wearing and the padded rubberised PVC cover is not only very smart looking but also offers a high degree of protection from water and knocks.

equipment from CK Magma

In fact the whole of the CK Tools Magma range is just as stylish and durable. They are designed to not only work well but to also look good which isn’t always the case with toll bags. In fact the MA2722 isn’t the only belt carried item they do, there is also the MA2724 tool pouch which has four pockets and pouches to carry essential items such as screwdrivers, tape measures, pliers etc which are the things you need to have within easy reach and is made from the same rubberised PVC as the phone pouch and can also be attached to any belt.

Stylish work equipment

If you don’t have a suitable belt CK have also thought of that and make the MA2723 toolbelt which is made for the job and will carry any of the Magma belt range comfortably and safely. It even has loops for your braces!

Magma belt range

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