How to use a sandblaster machine?

Sandblastersare exclusive machines generally utilized for cleaning up cars, walls, buses and so forth. The effort applied on using these machines is almost half the effort put for cleaning with sandpaper.

If you wish toremove paint sandblasters or to clean old fireplaces then this is the perfect solution for you. The various abrasive media types that are used in for sandblasting are as follows:

  • aluminum oxide,
  • glass beads,
  • black beauty coal
  • silica sand
  • steel grit,
  • steel shot,
  • Walnut shell and so forth.

If you are in search of a product that can restore your old priced possession only to look like a new one, then sandblaster is the perfect idea! But before using a sandblaster, it is very necessary to learn the following steps on how to use sandblastersproperly.


  1. Make sure to close all the valves of the sandblaster, particularlythe lower sand valve.
  2. Fill the sandblaster tank with 40 pounds of your choice of media using a funnel.
  3. Install the workstation and wear the requiredsafety clothing includingsandblaster respirator, welding gloves, sandblaster hood and a long sleeved shirt.
  4. Ooze out everything out of the machine dryers to get rid of all the moisture. Only after attaching the air supplies turn the pressure up and adjust it to 70 pounds.
  5. Keep the nozzle valve unfastened throughout. Fasten the sand valve. Make the primary air valve accessible and charge the tank. When the tank is full of pressurize, open the sand air valve. Shut all other valves.
  6. Slowly open the sand valve after you see your nozzle pointing in the specific direction. Sandblast the area safely using the media.

To apply these steps there are some elements that you will require which are as follows:

  • Sandblaster machine.
  • Sandblaster parts
  • Welding gloves.
  • Funnel Abrasive media.
  • Respirator Hood.
  • Air supplies and compressor.
  • Long sleeved shirt.

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