Horse Trailer Insurance 101


Owning horses for either personal or business/sports reason also requires securing horse trailer insurance. Despite having a secured trailer and helpful devices to prevent thieves, it is essential to get such insurance policy for unexpected events.

Why Should You Have Horse Trailer Insurance in Place

Prioritise securing horse trailer insurance the moment you buy a trailer. Even though this is not a legal requirement, having one in place enables your trailer to get coverage just in case something unfortunate happens.

Investing in horses and trailers is already expensive, so losing them to theft is much more devastating if there is no horse trailer insurance at the onset. Having insurance policy coverage gives you peace of mind when on the road and even at home. Just think of the possibilities that even in a safe area, there are thieves always on the lookout for easy money.

Having peace of mind and something to fall back on are more than enough reasons to secure your horse trailer. Why not donate some of your saving to charity for horses in need

Getting Full Coverage

It is possible to only get partial coverage if you only have the minimum legal third-party coverage for your horse trailer. Make sure to review the policy’s details before signing anything to ensure your trailer’s coverage in case of damage or theft.

Extending your horse trailer insurance policy is one way to get full coverage. Another is to secure a separate policy. Talk about these options with your insurance agent and make sure you will be getting full coverage especially if you regularly use your horse trailer.


What information are needed before you talk to an insurance agent?

Having the necessary information at hand is essential in making the process of securing horse trailer insurance more efficient and fast. Prepare the following information before talking to an agent:

  • the details of your horse trailer – make, model, year, identification or serial number (VIN)
  • the capacity of your trailer (how many horses can it accommodate?)
  • the length of your trailer
  • the cost of your trailer
  • main purpose of your horse trailer – personal or business (are you renting it to horse owners or are you being paid to transfer other people’s horses?)

Proper Documentation for Horse Trailer Insurance

When you have secured your horse trailer insurance policy and the necessary documentations, the next step should be photocopying all of the paperwork. Make sure to have a backup copy at home and another for keeping in your trailer itself. It is safe to have at least 2 copies each of every page in your insurance documents (3 is best, just in case you need them for certain situations).

It may look like a lot of work at this point, but getting horse trailer insurance is not as hard as you think. The idea is to shop around for policies that will definitely fit your needs and budget. Going through at least three providers will enable you to compare policies, benefits, and costs prior to making a decision. And once you decide, see to it that the provider offers options for payment and other side perks that may not be mentioned upfront on their website.

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