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We are a long term storage company in Sydney, and we have a large commercial building for storage of goods present in all major parts of the city. The long term storage company is well equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities. The entire company is temperature controlled to protect your items which is high valued.

There are different types of storage space in the company to store the items. You can store in a row wise in the racket or you can bulk store in space provided. It depends on the item what u store.

The storage company also provides the transportation service to the customers and the delivery is done which is very much secure.

The most important in the storage company is the security, how safe are goods stored. For this reason there are CCTV cameras in an around the company. The CCTV cameras are monitored 24/7 by the staff of the company.

There are two types of storage rooms present in the company. One is the normal room which is equipped with CCTV cameras and fully packed AC rooms in order to avoid dust entering the room which is also equipped with CCTV cameras which is monitored 24/7.

In the storage company there are different space for storage of goods. The electronic goods all placed separately with a fully packed AC room in order to avoid damage of goods because of the dust in the room.

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In the storage company the goods which is to be stored is verified, checked and inspection is done and all the bills regarding the goods are verified. Once all the materials are verified permission is given to storage the goods in their respective place.

If proper bill are not present for the goods, the staff of the company will not allow the goods to store in the company and if any illegal goods found will immediately take action and hand over to police.

The long term storage company goal is to provide help to the clients to store the goods in the company and provide friendly relationship between the long term storage company and the clients.

The long term storage company have a 24/7 customer care to guide the customers any time regarding the storage space for the goods. You can contact through phone or chat online or directly meet in company.

We provide all the facilities the client needs to store the goods in our company and promise to give you the best service available for you.

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