Everything You Need to Know About Ribbons

A ribbon is basically a coloured piece of printed paper. Ribands, as they are more commonly known, are mostly made out of plastic, metal or a particular cloth. They are primarily used for decorative binding or tying different items together. You may have seen ribands being tied on top of gifts and decorative pieces.; they are mostly made out of natural materials like silk, jute, cotton and velvet. In order to save costs, many companies also use synthetic materials such as polypropylene, nylon or polyester.


Ribbons are most commonly used in the corporate industry. They are used as a symbol before the start of anything new. For instance, companies generally hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony when launching a new product or a new branch. If you are looking to buy ribands for a specific event or purpose, you should know that there are plenty of different types of ribands available in the market.

Types of Ribbons

A single sided satin ribbon is the most popular option, and one side of the ribbon is printed with the company’s logo. These ribands are obviously cheaper than double sided satin ones. There are many others options available too, such as cotton, grosgrain and sticky ribands.



The cotton herringbone ribands are made from 100% Australian cotton and are considered to be environmentally friendly, and they are perfect for those who want a more natural packaging solution. The printing company can match the colours on the logo as closely as possible on the white and natural ribands. Another option available is the flat cotton ribbon; these ribands are slightly flatter, and are also environmentally friendly. If you desire, you can also choose the exact PMS colour to be printed on the ribbon.


If you want a combination of durability and elegance, grosgrain ribands are an excellent choice. They have a rippled texture finish and the company can match your brand with the colours on the logo. Many of the world’s biggest brands opt for printed grosgrain ribands. These ribands have a premium feel and finish, and will help you distinguish your brand.


Sticky Backed Ribands

One of the unique styles of ribands that you can buy right now is the sticky backed option. These ribands have a single sided acetate satin that is perfect for sticking the ribbon straight on the package. Sticky backed ribands can be foil stamped just like ordinary satin ribands. For people who are tired of using bows but still want that premium, elegant feel, these ribands are a great choice. They can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as sealing a bag, adorning a box that doesn’t have a bow on top, decorations for a soft toy or decorating a hat or a piece of clothing.

Most companies that sell special custom ribands generally have a turnaround time of at least three to five days. If you choose a specific type of ribbon, the turnaround time might increase to seven days or more; there’s also usually a minimum order requirement of several rolls when placing the order.

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