Monthly Archives: July 2016

How appealing to customers’ sense of smell can help brands to sniff out a sale

Our sense of smell is our most powerful and emotive sense. It is intrinsically linked with memory, and just a short sniff of a familiar smell can transport us to another time and place – a childhood holiday by the sea, or a first date with a partner – triggering a range of feelings and emotions.Given its link to emotions, ...

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What Does Your Colours Say About Your Brand?

It is scientifically proven that colour can have an effect on your business. The wrong colour choice can impact a customer’s buying decision. The first thing a customer may notice about your business is your company logo. If you use the wrong colour when creating this image, you could potentially cause your company to lose sales in the future. Colours ...

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Why Businesses Need To Think About The Environment

Everyone needs to be more responsible when it comes to taking better care of the environment and it is becoming increasingly clear that while many home owners are doing their part to reduce, reuse and recycle on a regular basis; lots of business owners are not taking the same initiatives when they run their company. Businesses need to think about ...

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