What Does Your Colours Say About Your Brand?

It is scientifically proven that colour can have an effect on your business. The wrong colour choice can impact a customer’s buying decision.

The first thing a customer may notice about your business is your company logo. If you use the wrong colour when creating this image, you could potentially cause your company to lose sales in the future.

Colours have an immediate effect on people. It can affect the way a person feels, even if they are not aware of it. Warm colours such as black, yellow, orange and red can make a person feel energised. Cool colours such as brown, blue, purple and green, can make a person feel calm and secure. When using colours for your company logo, you need to determine how you want your customers to feel.

The industry your business operates in, may also determine the best colour choices. For example, black is not a good choice for a healthcare related business, since many connect this colour with death. However, blue exudes a feeling of responsibility and trust, which can create a good image for a healthcare business.

Here are some of the most popular colours used by the world’s top brands, and how they are used to generate feelings in customers.


Yellow is a warm, sunny colour, that provides a feeling of hope, creativity and energy. This makes yellow a good colour choice for energy companies and providers of household services. Yellow is not a good choice for travel businesses and financial services companies.


Red is a provocative colour. It can make a person feel energetic and passionate. Red can instantly capture a person’s attention which makes it a great colour for technology companies and food businesses.


Blue is one of the most popular colour choices for branding. Blue makes a person feel comfortable and helps to create an image of a trusting, responsible business. This colour is a good choice for travel businesses and financial institutions. However, it is not often the best choice for food and drink companies.


Black is a sophisticated, luxurious colour. People associate black with value and prestige. Black is a popular colour amongst clothing brands. It is also popular with the automotive industry. It is not often used for energy companies and travel businesses.

Choosing the correct colour is only the first step in building your brand. You will also have to make sure the colours you choose can be integrated into all of your marketing tools, including your logo, product packaging, signage and landing page. By integrating your colours you can create the maximum impact with your customers. You can get more information about the important of brand consistency by reading one of our earlier articles.

We’d be happy to advise you on the best way to incorporate your corporate colour scheme into your brand’s visual communications. Contact us at Zoo. We’ll be happy to provide you with anything you may need to help build your brand.

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