Expert Peter Navarro Speaks To Constantly Changing Economic Trends

If recent movies like Margin Call or The Big Short have taught us anything, it’s that the economy is in serious trouble. And yet, if you run a business, there’s no choice but to keep trucking on. It’s important to adapt to shifting economic trends or you run the risk of collapsing. Sometimes this can be hard to tackle, however, and it might not be a bad idea to seek advice.

That’s where the Sweeney Agency comes in handy. They’ve been providing public speakers that speak to a variety of different topics for quite a while now and it could be just the thing your company needs to give it a boost. And these aren’t just nobodies – the speakers under the Sweeney Agency banner are highly-qualified and have numerous published works and awards under their belt.

Take Peter Navarro, for example. He has been an acclaimed public speaker for a solid decade now, focusing on the topics of management, finance, global politics and the economy. His day job is as a business professor at the University of California-Irvine, but he’s certainly better known as a lauded business writer. He’s authored several important business management books, including “The Well-Timed Strategy”, “If It’s Raining in Brazil Buy Starbucks”, and “Seeds of Destruction: Why the Path to Economic Ruin Runs Through Washington and How to Reclaim American Prosperity”. Additionally, he’s written articles for Business Week, New York Times, Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal, among many others. As you can clearly see, this man is more than qualified.

In his presentations, Navarro speaks to something that has made him respected throughout North America: his aptitude for forecasting monumental economic shifts. Throughout his career, he accurately predicted the U.S. housing bubble and subsequent stock market crash, as well as issuing a short call on China last year. So through his talks, he imparts his wisdom about where the economy is headed for the next couple of years. Specifically, he focuses on four major factors: the upcoming presidential election and how that will affect market trends; the global economy and its structural issues; the US economy and how it’s responding to global challenges; and the global geopolitical risks that are becoming more threatening by the day. All of these areas taken together can be used to paint a picture of where the economy is headed.

Otherwise, Navarro runs a seminar on how to respond as a business to the challenges that China’s mass production economy poses right now. He also runs an extremely useful class on how to take what’s taught in MBA courses and practically apply it to the day-to-day work arena.

If you want to stay on top of how the economy really works, Peter Navarro is your guy.

Image and Story Source: Sweeney Agency

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