Print is Still Alive: Here are the Proofs

A lot of people say that printing would eventually die out in today’s digital age. Announcements are made more on the web than posters and flyers, books are becoming ebooks, hardly anybody sends mail and many people turn to their devices to find print solutions.

But, is the printing business dying? Not at all! Printing has undergone improvements and become stronger due to technological changes. The following are trends in business print that serve as proofs of its activity.

Print Marketing to Help a Business Compete and Stand Out

A survey shows that 76 percent of small enterprises believe that the combination of digital and print marketing is the best strategy for getting the most effective results. Consider it this way, with the technological upsurge, printing services have become a kind of novelty and the less it’s used, the more it stands out.

Everybody is competing for attention online so it’s not easy to get people hooked. For the majority of people, checking the mailbox is an everyday routine, thus, direct mail marketing can have some level of special attention. Also, print marketing comes with a low cost per impression. This is the reason small businesses continue to get the most out of it.

Variable Print Solutions Provide an Option for Customization

Variable printing enables small businesses to reach their audience in various ways. It could a promotional postcard that has the name of a client on it or coupons specially numbered for monitoring the customer that has used them. Custom images can also be used for making the experience more unique for current and possible customers.

Way Beyond Paper Products

A lot of people believe that print media is within the bounds of paper products such as business cards, presentation folders, posters and brochures. Surely, printing services Singapore for marketing cover customized magnets, key chains, drink ware, shirts, coaster and other items a company wants to have their logo on.

In a home setting, print solutions include all personalized items such as family fun day shirt, special mugs, precious photo books offered to grandma or a canvas photo wall art adored by every visitor.

On Demand

Digital printing technology advances enable customers to have soft copies saved for editing and printing later. Today, customers find print on demand makes more sense since having a lot of printed copies taking space for a long time isn’t really reasonable. Print on demand is useful for travel photo books, office stationery, school books, calendars and product catalogs.

Real Solutions from Print Companies

A successful printing company provides real print solutions instead of just printing.  This means providing layout services or suggesting how a company ad should look. Sometimes, small changes can make a huge effect when customers become intrigued at a product’s new look.

For individual customers, providing print solutions designing the materials to be printed and allowing clients to send digital materials over the web to be printed and picked up. Also, the easiness and convenience benefits are real solutions for busy people.

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