An Entire Magazine Rack In One App: Texture

Some people say print media is dead. Anyone who has been enticed by an alluring magazine cover or a catchy headline knows that isn’t quite true.

It happens all the time. You’re standing in line to pay for your groceries and you’re entranced by the latest celebrity gossip, or an amazing photo on the cover of National Geographic.

Sometimes you care enough to actually buy the magazine. But, more often than not, you leave it on the rack, left to wonder what mysteries you never uncovered in the article.

Print publications just aren’t a part of our daily lives like they used to be, even though the stories they tell are still incredibly interesting and informative.

Some of the best magazines and titles have simply created a digital alternative. Still maintaining their print publication, such publications use the internet and social media to reach new readers.

But to keep sales of their magazines up, some media companies only post a fraction of their content online. The rest is kept for digital subscribers or for folks who have purchased a physical copy.

So where’s the middle ground? How can someone enjoy all of the rich content to be found in a magazine without the hassle of heading to the store every month or paying for multiple subscriptions?

Texture is the answer.

A library of magazines compiled into one app, Texture is the solution for anyone looking for more to read, wherever they are. Providing users with unlimited access to some of the world’s most popular and informative titles at one low cost, Texture combines the rich content of print publications with the easy accessibility of digital media.

Boasting an extensive range of titles, Texture’s 150+ magazines cover everything from entertainment to food to sports to politics and everything in between. No matter your interests, there are more than a few magazines you’ll want to read on Texture, and then some.

And the ability to personalize your reading material is what makes Texture so great. Pick and choose your favourite titles and they will automatically update to feature the freshest material. Users can even enjoy early access to certain articles chosen by esteemed editors.

You’re not limited to what’s new on Texture, either. Archiving past issues of titles, Texture lets you dive deep into past stories. More than 5,000 archived issues can be found on Texture, which is a serious boon to folks who want tons of reading material. Great content never gets old, after all.

Texture’s cross-device functionality also ensures you’re never without a great magazine to read. Up to five devices can be attached to a Texture account, so you can easily switch from your smartphone, to your laptop, to your desktop. Offline accessibility makes it even easier to read just about anywhere.

In essence, Texture puts a gigantic magazine rack into an app, one that you can personalize and take anywhere. Plus it’ll only cost you the price of a couple magazines.

 Not that you need to pay anything to get started. Texture offers all new users a free 30-day trial, letting you enjoy all the perks the app has to offer for zero charge. Now that’s a win-win situation, if you ask me.

Cover photo courtesy of khawkins04

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