The Embassy Information Package For The Fiance Visa Is not Sent Registered Mail

The greatest problem for many fiancés gets the data package in the embassy. Because of the vagaries from the Belarusian Publish Office, my wife’s information package never reached her.

The United States embassy doesn’t send the data package by registered mail . They give it by regular publish. Once the CIS postal employees observe that the package comes from the united states embassy, money involved begin to appear to them.

They open the package, so when they discover there are just information inside it, they toss it in to the circular round file. If they’re jealous or malicious naturally, they most likely figure that there’s pointless that the fiancé must have a much better existence compared to what they have, so there’s one more reason to toss it in to the trash.

Or they just don’t care whether it will get where it’s designed to go – no ulterior motives or complicated schemes – simply incompetence. They will not be fired or given a pay raise, who cares when the mail will get where it’s designed to go.

Red carpet days of calling towards the embassy in Warsaw, my fiancé finally got right through to a real worker instead of hearing the all pervading busy signal. Obviously, the united states embassy has one telephone number as well as an overworked worker whose job it had been to reply to the telephone.

Its Smart To Become Persistent:

The telephone most likely rings half your day unanswered, as the employees are attempting to acquire some work done.

It had been magic she got through to speak to someone.

Have you ever attempted calling the financial institution or phone company unconditionally apart from ordering new releases, you are aware how hard it is to buy with the overburdened public number.

The embassy informed her that they mailed the package six days earlier, and also got no response from her, so that they cancelled her interview. They figured she just wasn’t interested any longer.

My fiancé pleaded with the embassy to transmit a brand new package to her registered mail, however the embassy stated ‘it wasn’t their policy to transmit mail registered.’

Fortunately she got the data package anyway and it will be history as the saying goes. It was the 2nd time once the Belarusian publish office almost interrupted our intends to be together.

The very first time was during our initial letter writing and also the second there was a time getting her information packet in the embassy.

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