LH-CRYPTO – review of the best services of the company

Today we will examine in more detail one of the leaders of the brokerage sphere – the company Larson&Holz. In passing, we will discuss the general principles of this company, and we will get to know more closely with some of the services. What is the company Larson&Holz. In appearance, an ordinary brokerage company, which in the vast enough of a lot. The purpose of the company is the same as with other companies. Providing services to traders. Namely, providing access to financial markets. Opened in 2004. Gradually expands the list of services, as well as additional options for them. Successfully overcame not one economic crisis. Active participant of the largest financial exhibitions, where he presents his own products, under his own brand. The company has many achievements, and a vivid confirmation of this, a huge network of partner offices, which are open throughout the country. And this is thanks to a unique partnership program that allows a common man to open his company, under the auspices of Larson&Holz.

Why choose Larson&Holz? Let’s look at this process step-by-step. Usually people come to brokerage companies who have heard about trading or heard somewhere, or they were advised by friends and acquaintances. Naturally, trading is considered a lot of professional financial tycoons. And these business suits with ties and white shirts … actually, this is what attracts ordinary people to the world of finance. But not everyone understands who the broker is, what the essence of his work is, and what needs to be done by himself. That’s what Larson&Holz likes, managers work efficiently and professionally. First, the staff will ask how long a person has to work in financial markets. If a person has never had business with Forex or other financial platforms, he will immediately be offered a course of study. And in any case, they will not describe the characteristic features of NDD trading accounts, and so on. If a person has to deal with a trading terminal, the manager will offer a demo account and tell you about the types of trading accounts. If a trader has previously traded, or just moved from another broker, he will be told about the advanced services of Larson&Holz. The company does not welcome obsession, and the customers themselves do not like it.

The first thing that a person pays attention to when coming to a brokerage office is trading accounts, and the minimum deposits of each of them. It is clear that people come to find the most cherished way to make money. And everyone tries to do this either from scratch, or by investing a minimum amount. Applying for clarification to Larson&Holz, we were told that you can start trading from scratch, opening a no-deposit trading account, or with any desired amount. Of course, with 1 dollar to trade, does not work. But here with 10 dollars, it is quite possible. And then, this is the minimum. But here the deposit-free trading account interested us. After all, not every brokerage company offers to trade on company money. At least that’s what they explained to us. The bottom line is that after the registration we open this type of account, and when you activate the account in the trading terminal, we are already waiting for $ 100. You can trade anything, anytime. There are no restrictions on this matter. But what is characteristic, we can keep all the profits. The company Larson&Holz gives three days for trade. The more we earn from these $ 100, the better for us. In principle, with this amount you can take a decent profit, if you certainly follow all the rules of trading. Well, in three days, the trading account is deactivated, and we remain with our profit. But this, it turns out, is not all. Exactly after three days, we can again open a no-deposit trading account. And we see 100 dollars on the balance again. Again, we trade and take profits to your personal account. History repeats itself in three days. Larson&Holz’s loyalty is manifested in the fact that we are given a unique opportunity to trade on the company’s money. In this case, we do not risk our money. We do not need them. And we have the opportunity to open a no-deposit trading account three times. After that, the function of opening this account will be disabled. But with a competent approach, for these three times you can acquire an initial capital, and trade at the expense of it. It turns out that we made money from the company’s money. To the question: what will happen if we all lose these $ 100 three times? The answer of the staff was amazing. It turns out that nothing will happen for this, and we will not have anything to do with Larson&Holz. Indeed, a unique service. If you understand, when developing this service, two goals were pursued at once. The first goal: motivation of traders for successful trading. Goal Two: the ability to put together an initial deposit based on the profit from three openings of a no deposit account. Reasonably coined. We already saw the benefits. And now the shortcomings. No deposit trading account can be opened only three times. For an inexperienced trader, it will be problematic to increase large profits. But here I would like to give one piece of advice to beginning traders. You can, after all, open a demo account for a start, and get accustomed to what’s what. To try, how that works, or other trading system. The company Larson&Holz welcomes traders who try in such a business as trading. Scalping, and other approaches to trade are not forbidden. In general, you need to learn how to trade on a demo, and then open a no deposit trading account. It will not work with the first trading account, we again go to the demo and test the system. We open the second no deposit account. Now it should work out. And if it does not work out, go back to the demo account. Then the third time we open a no-deposit account.

In fact, no deposit trading account, this is nothing more than a bonus from the company. Only he is much more impressive than all the other bonuses combined. Lh-crypto appreciates its customers. And it is noticeable.

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