Team Building Days for your Business

In business, team building days are becoming ever more popular. These days bring employees together to show them new ways that they can potentially work together. If you want to plan a team day for your employees, then we have some great ideas to help you out.

Cocktail Classes

A fun cocktail class can feel like a day out, but there are many lessons to be taken away here too. Working in pairs to complete classic cocktails can be fun and rewarding. This can be a great way to show staff that they have different talents and working together can allow these to flourish.

For example, one employee may be better at remembering the directions and another may be better at the actual creation. This can be a lasting lesson that could be transported into the workplace.

Fitness Days

Many away days now have an element of fitness within them, as boot camps can teach employees a lot of great lessons. Pushing one another to succeed to finish the course can be used in day to day situations too. These away days can be pretty taxing, however the sense of achievement can really boost the mood back in the office.

Working together on these challenges can be great for employees. Again, they have to play to their strengths in order to succeed and work with others too. Being part of a team and creating a competitive edge can also be great for motivation.

Escape Rooms

There are also escape rooms that you can book for the day. Again, you can make this competitive by pitting teams against one another to figure out which group can escape first. There are even themed London escape room games that can add another twist into the fun.

The goal of escaping the room is just the start, as staff members have to work together to be able to use the clues. This creates an air of collaboration which will have them working to understand the clues. This can be interesting to be a part of too, as it naturally shows some elements that certain team members are stronger with.

Cooking Lessons

If you opt to do cooking lessons with employees, then this can be a cool reward for them as well as a team building exercise. This gives them a new skill as well as a way to bond together as they create delicious dishes. There can be a competitive edge with these classes too, so it’s a good way to see which employees display this.

This can be a part of an overall day or just an activity that you can do in the workplace. Bringing in equipment and ingredients can be simple, so you can get started with just a few logistical arrangements.

Team building can be an interesting way to spend a day, or even just a few hours if you find yourself pressed for time. You can try out these days out to reward and inspire your employees.

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