The Different Types Of Ads You Can Utilise On Goggle

Your digital marketing strategy needs to be diverse, and as well as doing SEO, you will want to consider using paid ads, such as Google shopping ads, to help increase sales. Google has various types of paid ads you can use, and if you have no experience with these, you will want to consider having a reputable agency create, optimise, and monitor your campaign. Below are some of the different ad options you have available from Google to help you get started and give your business a boost.

Expanded Text Ads

Text ads are as they sound, and the ads can include headlines, descriptions, a limited amount of text, and telephone and website details. They are the simplest form of ads that Google offer, but they can be highly lucrative for your business when your campaign is well optimised and run correctly.

Image Ads

Image ads can also be an excellent choice for your advertising campaign, and when you use this option, they will show on the entire Goggle Display network. The ads can show across various platforms, and Google will display them on the websites the user visits most often. These ads are ideal for boosting brand awareness, so users become more aware of your company and its products or services.

Video Ads

You can also utilise video in your ads on Google, and they will display these across various platforms and partner sites, including YouTube. It can be an excellent way of advertising your business and is one of the most lucrative forms of advertising Google offers. One of the reasons these can be so effective is that people watch over 500 million hours of videos per day on YouTube alone, so this option has a lot of scope for reaching people.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads can also be suitable to help you boost sales, and when they appear, they will show an image of the product, a title, the price, and a link to the relevant page on the site. The ads will appear on the Google Shopping feature, in images, and on the partner sites that Google works with, and can help give your sales a boost.

Call-Only Ads

You can also help to boost the phone calls your company receives if you are selling your service by using the call-only ads that Google offers. They are similar to text ads, but they are clickable, and when the user clicks on the ad, it will call you so you can speak to them rather than take you to a website.

These are a few of the advertising options you have available on Google, but they have more, and you can see their other offerings by clicking here.

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