Does Team Building Really Work?

Teamwork is the best way to succeed in business. Even seemingly self-made successful entrepreneurs such as Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and Elon Musk know the importance of building a cohesive team of highly skilled workers to bring their vision to life.

But is just constructing a team enough? What happens if your team don’t work well together or build a rapport? Will they be able to produce the best work possible? The simple answer is no. And that’s why team building is essential to a harmonious and thriving workplace.

Not only this, but by building strong foundations within your team, you’ll find the output of your business increase. According to Forbes, collaborative team members are likely to stick with challenging tasks twice as long as those in non-collaborative environments, leading to higher output and success rates.

Here are five ways team building works to improve your workplace

  1. Improve company culture

Employees spend almost half of their awake time at the office. This means it’s vital to create a comfortable, supportive environment that allows everyone to prosper.

Team building activities show your co-workers that they matter. They have a place in your company, and you believe in their potential.

  1. Improve communication skills

An essential office skill is to be able to communicate effectively. And with many team building activities involving problem-solving where everyone needs to be involved to succeed, your employees will gain productive communication skills they can bring back to the office.

  1. Cultivate conflict resolution skills

Working in a team, it’s inevitable that personalities will clash from time to time. Add in the pressure a normal office environment can create, and you have a recipe for potential drama.

A key focus of team building activities is to work collaboratively towards conflict resolution methods so that you can apply them in a working environment.

  1. Build trust amongst your team

It’s difficult to run a collaborative team if your co-workers don’t trust each other. Through team-building activities such as rock climbing, trust fall exercises, and escape rooms, your employees will learn to depend on each other to get through challenging situations.

  1. Enhance creative thinking for the office

Apple’s slogan is ‘think different.’ Why? Because sometimes, thinking outside the box is exactly what’s needed to find solutions.

But having been taught our whole school lives to only colour within the lines, this type of creativity at work does not come easily to everyone.

Encouraging creativity through team building activities will put your employees in the right mind to be flexible in their approach, not only to their work but also to life as a whole.

We’re better when we work together

Team Tactics offer team building for businesses that set the foundation for your employees to work together collaboratively. Not only will your business reap the benefits, but you’ll foster a positive, supportive environment that your employees will love to work in every day.

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