Some Items You Are Not Allowed To Keep In Commercial Storage Units

When struggling with storage space for your business, various options may be suitable that you can consider. You can move to a new location, which is expensive and takes time to sort out, and you can build more storage at your current location, which also takes time and can be costly. However, another option you can consider is renting a storage unit where you can keep everything safe and secure, but some items are restricted for keeping in commercial storage units. Below are some things you cannot keep in a storage unit, so you can determine whether this is a suitable option for your business.

Items You Cannot Keep In Your Storage Unit

There are various items that you cannot keep in commercial storage in Cirencester or anywhere else, and if your business has any of these, it may not be a suitable option looking for storage units. The items that are prohibited from being kept in storage include the following:

Perishable Goods: You are not allowed to keep perishable goods in your storage unit, as they can go off and start to smell and attract rodents and other pests. It includes food, but there are exceptions if it is packed correctly, such as in cans or sealed containers.

Flammable Goods: You are also prohibited from storing flammable goods in your storage unit, which can cause a fire or explosion. Items included are compressed gasses, cleaning solvents, paint, gas, and petrol, which can combust and are hazardous.

Illegal Items: You are also not allowed to keep illegal items in the storage locker, which covers many things. You cannot store banned substances, counterfeit goods, or unlicensed or unsafe goods in the storage unit. If anything happened to the storage unit, you would be unable to lodge a claim against the insurance for items deemed illegal.

Live Animals & Plants: Live animals and plants are also not allowed to be kept in a storage unit, as plants and animals need sunlight, water, and food to live. If they should die while contained in the storage unit, they can attract pests and bugs, which can cause a nuisance.

Firearms, Explosives & Ammunition: Firearms, explosives, and ammunition are prohibited from being kept in a commercial storage unit, even if you legally have them. They can cause a hazard and put the unit and surrounding ones at risk, so you must find somewhere more suitable for these items.

Hazardous Substances: You will also not be allowed to keep hazardous substances in a commercial storage locker, and various substances fall into this category, such as:

  • Radioactive Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Toxic Waste
  • Propane Tanks
  • Biological Agents
  • Asbestos

These items pose a risk to the storage facility and the items being stored in them, which is why they are prohibited.

These are some of the common items which are restricted and not allowed to be kept in storage facilities, so you will need to find an alternative solution if your company is looking to store any of the above. You cannot store other things, such as currency, deeds and securities, or items that give off fumes or odours.

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