Ensuring Your New Office Space Is Not Too Loud

When designing a new office for your company, no matter what industry you are in, you must consider the noise levels and how to control them. You do not want things to be too loud in your office, affecting your workers and their productivity. There are many things you can do to help control the noise levels in a busy office and ensure that the noise is at a comfortable level for your employees. Below are some ways of dampening the noise levels in your office space that you can incorporate into the design at the planning stage.

Install A Sound Absorbing Floor

When trying to control the noise levels in a busy office, an excellent place to start is the floor, and you want to select a flooring material that can absorb sound and reduce echo. You can get acoustic insulation underlay suitable for all flooring materials, but choosing a soft flooring material, such as carpets or carpet tiles, is best. These will require more maintenance, but they can help reduce echo and dampen sound to ensure it is not too loud in your office.

Walls That Absorb Sound

It is also worth considering using plasterboard on your office walls with acoustic insulation. These can help stop sounds reverberating around the office, which increases the noise level, and you can also put things on your walls to help do this. You can hang pictures and posters on the wall that will reduce echo and absorb sounds, and you can also use textured wallpaper that can help do this.

Use Insulated Partitions

When dividing the space in your office and looking at office partitions, an excellent option to use is double-glazed partitioning, which can provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Another benefit of using glass partitions is that they can help increase the natural light in your office, making it more comfortable for workers. You can also get triple-glazed partitions in particularly loud parts of your office if needed, which will help you reduce the noise levels and disturbances to your employees.

The Office Ceiling

When you use a suspended ceiling in your office, you can use acoustic ceiling tiles to help you control noise levels. Various options are available that may be suitable for your office, and they are an effective way of controlling noise levels in the workplace. You can also get acoustic panels which sometimes look like artwork that can hang from the ceiling and help absorb excess sound, and they can help you create a fantastic-looking space.

Include Lots Of Plants

You will also want to include many plants in your finished office design, which can help brighten the office and make it more organic and absorb sounds. Plants have also been shown to increase happiness and productivity in workers, so they are an investment worth making. Some companies provide and maintain office plants that you can use if you are scared of killing them, or you can encourage workers to bring in plants to place on their desks. Having lots of flowers and plants in your office space will help you maintain noise levels and ensure it looks fantastic when it is finished.

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